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Yes, of course. Our cars have annual motorway stickers, so you don’t have to worry about it either.

Many of our customers would like to take over the car at the airport and, this way, they don’t have any time to exchange money. But we have thought about it as well. Our company accepts foreign exchange both as car deposit and rental fee, consequently, you can save time with us.

Yes, we do. We deliver the vehicles to places within the borders of Budapest, consequently, you don’t have to come to Örs vezér tere to take it over. You can even take it over in front of your house.

The rented passenger van can be taken to almost any European country, however, there are some exceptions. Therefore, we have to talk about it on the phone beforehand

Yes, it does. We indicate the gross prices, that is, you have to pay the amount shown. There are no extra costs.

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  • Kisbuszbérlés
  • Cím: Pest-Központi Iroda (Örs vezér tere), 1106 Fehér út 10. Árkád mellett
  • Tel.: +36 20 588 64 88
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